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Oh hey, internet friend! I'm Emma, and welcome to Palettiquette, my online watercolour school. We're gonna have a good time!

Palettiquette (palette + etiquette) is an online movement aimed at teaching artists (hey, that's you) more about watercolour - both technique AND terminology. Palettiquette started out as a free colour theory class (which you should totally take right meow) and has expanded into online painting classes with a new topic each month.

The aim of the game is to keep up practise, learn new techniques from regular and easy-to-digest videos and instructions, hang out online and share your work with a bunch of like-minded creatives - and most importantly, have fun! My classes are designed for people who are time-poor and don't want to spend hours and hours watching looong tutorials - so if you're someone who needs to see each and every brush stroke in real-time, then this may not be the school for you! But if it sounds like it is....

I look forward to painting with you soon! :)

Not sure whether these monthly watercolour classes are any good? Not sure what kinda teacher I am? Here are some of my fave comments from past and current students!

"Thank you as always for your inspiration, sense of humor and talent. You are the Bob Ross of Australia."

- Victoria, Palettiquette student

"I've loved this course and it's taught me sooo much - not least just to use watercolor and have a play!"

- Sara, Palettiquette student

"You're such a rockstar Emma! So glad I signed up for this! Definite highlight of each month."

- Kelsey, Palettiquette student

"Just finishing day 1 video and I have to say, I've taken several online watercolor and lettering courses on my artistic journey and you are by far the best teacher! You're easy to understand, your videos are a perfect length and you have a great way of explaining what to do without getting bogged down in technical terms. I'm so excited for the rest of the course!"

- Emily, Palettiquette student

"I've been loving the Palettiquette classes!! I've been learning so much and it's so awesome to have such a great teacher! ;)"

- Nelly, Palettiquette student

"Palettiquette was such a good class! I've been applying the practices over and over and exploring ALLLLLLLL the colors - 10/10 highly recommend."

- @practice.makes.pretty, Palettiquette student