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Setting Up a New Palette

Hey Paint Pal! This post is going to cover two topics: Tips on setting up a brand-new palette Why I’ve recently adopted a 24-colour palette The whole premise of Palettiquette is to focus on the 3 primary colours and learn how to mix and build colours from there, however I also want to...


MINI-LESSON: pigment dilution

A common issue for beginners is figuring out the paint / water ratio. Last mini-lesson we had a look at what effect water has on our paintings, but now it's time to have a closer look at how we dilute our paint before putting it on paper. The thing is... there really is no right or wrong. It...


MINI-LESSON: water and paint control

This mini-lesson will help you with layering and the frustrations that come with watercolour when you don't get the timing right. It is VERY finicky at first. Your results will depend entirely on the products you use, the climate you're in, and how long you wait. In saying that though -...



Well hello there! Congrats on finding your way to the Palettiquette blog. Here you will find additional tips and tricks on all things watercolour. These posts are designed to complement the FREE Palettiquette Colour Theory class as well as recap some info shared in the Palettiquette Facebook...